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M.e.(mental Excellence)
mental health box

Included in Box a journal, meditation CD, aromatherapy,  scream pillow, candles, jumprope, Wellness Resistance band, herbal teas,  stress ball, Mindfulness Cards, diffusers, small bible, and more (items may vary depending on availability)


Every time you donate $20 or more, we donate a box to one of the following ​categories: College students, Single Parent, Families affected by Gun Violence and/or Veterans.


Understand oneself and how the mind works.

Nurture the basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Process emotions in a healthy way.

Create a successful self care regimen.

Establish a healthy learning environment and boundaries.


Soup Kitchen

1 in 6 people in America face hunger.


40% of food is thrown out in the US every year or about $165 billion worth.

Diabetes Awareness Brunch

 The Diabetes Awareness Brunch is designed to educate and raise awareness about diabetes while providing a comfortable and social setting for indiivuals from  underserved communities. The goal is to promote understanding of diabetes by providing a deiabte friendly menu. We will include educational sessions led by healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and diabetes educators. Topics will include understanding diabetes, healthy eating habits, the importance of physical activity, and the latest advancements in diabetes care.


To provided underserved communities with healthy organic plant based options.

Provide valuable knowledge related to health and nutrition.


Support our programs.

Support our programs.

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